How to handle a file open event with QT in Mac OSX

By assigning the file type to a specific file we can determine what kind of information and data we expect to find inside that particular file. There are a lot of applications that handle multiple file types, so we want to use specific one that can be reserved only for the given application. By double clicking on the file the default app will be launched and the file loaded into it.

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Qt Quick – Very simple rapid app development

Qt Quick is a part of the SDK from Qt. It consists primarily of the following:

  1. QML – markup language to create GUI interfaces
  2. Javascript – scripting language to manage user interactions
  3. C++ – fast and powerful programming language

By creating a Qt Quick application we are connecting all of these three parts into one. The most common use case for this type of application is to create a GUI with QML and Javascript to handle the user interface and user interactions and C++ as the back end to handle complicated calculations and time-consuming processes.

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